Whipped Honey with Raw Fruit and Spice

Ecstasy on earth. Small-batch, Built By Bees’ Whipped raw natural honey is for sale and available now. While some people called it Creamed Honey, we call it Whipped Honey. Can we just agree to call it good?

Choose the ultimate in health and taste and enjoy a gourmet treat that lasts a long time. Look for them on sale.

Go 100% pure raw clover honey and fresh, hand-selected fruit for a divine taste that is sweet and unforgettable. Just-picked fruit is combined with locally sourced, never heated nor treated Grade A Clover Honey. This delicious all-natural whipped honey is a perfect spread on your favorite foods!

Take your pick from fresh lemon, blood orange, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, expresso, cinnamon, apple, peach and clover.

Apple Honey 8oz 345x345

Peach Whipped Honey

Gourmet Kosher Clover Whipped Honey


Use chilled Whipped Honey as a healthful alternative to saccharine or sugared fruit jellies. We love it to sweeten teas, spread on breads, or as a complement to meats or cheeses. It’s also fantastic drizzled over salads, ice creams and especially good when blended with Built By Bees Honey Butters for a healthier, honey-infused gourmet spread!


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