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Honey Shrubs: What They Are, How to Drink and Cook With Them, and the Health Benefits

If you are looking for a unique, refreshing, and healthy way to enjoy a drink, [...]

Built by Bees Winner of Two 2021 sofi Awards

Atlanta, Georgia, May 05, 2021 — Georgia specialty food producer, Built by Bees is pleased [...]

What Are Shrubs?

What Are Shrubs? A shrub is a drinking vinegar. Ingredients typically include vinegar, fruits, and [...]

Honey’s Nutritional Profile

Honey’s Nutritional Profile and Its Benefits In addition to being an amazing natural sweetener, raw, unfiltered [...]

Honey Production

Honey Production Made Naturally By the Bee Honey starts as flower nectar collected by honey [...]

Bee Propolis

What is Bee Propolis? Bee propolis is nature’s resilient protector. It’s made up of over [...]

Organic Soap

Soap is food for your skin, and cleansing your body starts with your skin (all 18+ [...]

Bee Pollen

Nature’s Cell Regenerator. Bee pollen, also known as beebread, is a healthful mixture of pollen, honey [...]

Royal Jelly

Nature’s Power Rejuvenator. The queen bee is fed a diet of royal jelly, which is supremely [...]


Nature’s Healthy Glow. Beeswax is stunning combination of strength and beauty. Bees use it to [...]

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