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Complementing Nature’s Finest Work

Thank you for visiting America’s top destination for raw honey. Built by Bees is a marketplace for raw, all-natural honey products. Our award winning honey-centric products are very tasty and offer a healthy, gourmet twist. We’re also excited to offer a line of well-being items that provide great natural remedies to common conditions.

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Built By Bees creates:

• Well-Being Honey Products

• Mead-based Honey Vinegars

• Whipped Honeys

• Infused Honeys

• Spicy Honeys

• Raw Honeys

• Honey Butters

• Honey Mustards

• Honey Shrubs (a new upcoming line)

Discover the power of raw bee ingredients in a delicious and healthy products line-up. Since April of 2017, Built by Bees has garnered thirteen major food awards including the Specialty Food Association’s sofi Gold award, the Good Food Guild finalist award, a winner and finalist award for the Artesano Flaves competition and numerous Flavor of Georgia winner and finalist awards. We welcome you to our family of customers and appreciate the chance to serve you.

We offer flat rate UPS Ground shipping throughout the USA and free shipping for all continental USA orders over $69.00.

Built by Bees honey products are 98% USA-based. We have two items originating from outside the US, specifically Mesquite honey from northern Mexico and organic wildflower honey from Brazil.

We support ethical beekeeping and practice ethical bottling and packing. We strain our honeys to ensure a clean honey without impediments. When honey is put in the drum after hive extraction, there’s stuff in there that most customer’s don’t want. We remove small twigs and bees wings and similar stuff. We may also mildly warm our honeys when crystallization occurs or for bottling. We do this intentionally at a low temperature over a longer time to ensure retention of healthy nutrients and pollens.

This all leads to an unaltered and unadulterated raw honey products. It’s what we’d want and expect, and it’s what we create and deliver to you in every product!

You are a valued customer and thank you again for visiting our marketplace.

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