Raw Southern Wildflower Honey


Raw Wildflower Honey 16 oz
Raw Southern Wildflower Honey

Raw, unfiltered Wildflower honey is a favorite due to its diverse and rich poly-floral origin. Created by bees pollinating many flowers from local sources, Wildflower honey provides the benefits needed for those with allergies. The process is similar to taking a flu shot. By eating a teaspoon a day of the Wildflower honey, you consume many floral sources that you may be allergic to, and, in the process, build up an immunity towards these floral sources.


Built by Bees’ Raw Honey is a great way to treat your body and start your day.


Our bottling process may gently heat the honey to speed pouring. Please gently warm at home if crystallization occurs, but do not microwave to preserve nutrients and vitamins.

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