Raw Star Thistle Honey


Raw Star Thistle Honey
Raw Star Thistle Honey

Enjoy the incredible taste, texture and health benefits of Queen’s Harvest raw Midwestern Star Thistle honey. One of nature’s top superfoods, our raw honey is unfiltered and unprocessed and 100% direct from the hive.

This honey is an excellent immune system booster loaded with nutrients and enzymes containing:

  • Bee pollen, a natural cell regenerator and one of nature’s most complete health foods.
  • Propolis, a proven antibiotic and antiseptic with anti-inflammatory qualities and
  • Royal jelly, a supremely nutritious strength rejuvenator.

Raw honey promotes digestive health, fights premature signs of aging and helps regulate blood pressure. It also provides high nutritional value, a natural energy boost and a lower glycemic index
than sugar.

Contrast this with processed sugars that play a major role in the development of chronic diseases, mood disorders, lower immune function and weight gain, while adding no nutritional value.

Queen’s Harvest Raw Honey is a great way to treat your body and start your day.

Our bottling process may gently heat the honey to eliminate and delay crystallization. Please gently warm at home if crystallization occurs.

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