Fit For a Queen Honey Superfood


Fit For a Queen Honey Superfood is a powerful collection of bee hive superfoods designed to build your immunity, strengthen your body, nourish and protect your inside and battle the elements. It’s a personal fortress powered by nature.


Straight from the hive, each jar contains your personal army of raw honey, royal jelly, bee propolis, bee pollen, and honeycomb. Fresh, raw ingredients make Fit For a Queen the gold standard for honey. Every jar contains fully preserved and naturally occurring enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. This is as raw as raw gets.

honey comb


Pure Raw HoneyRoyal Jelly


Our pure raw honey and honeycomb are unprocessed, unfiltered and come from trusted sources. We may warm the honey to bee hive temperatures for bottling. We also strain honey at 600 microns to remove unwanted elements. This diameter is sufficient to retain essential hive elements within the honey.


Royal jelly is a miracle of nature consumed by the queen bee – helping to extend her life and quality of health. A white and viscous jelly-like substance, it’s high in antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-tumor and contains longevity-promoting factors. It acts as a natural form of brain fuel and insulin while promoting collagen production in the skin. Considered nature’s nootropic, royal jelly helps increase brain clarity by reducing brain fog.


Propolis has remarkable abilities to assist in fighting colds and upper respiratory tract infections. It also quells viruses, bacteria, microbes, fungus and flu-like infections. Propolis is a potent immune system booster and antibiotic that has been used by cancer patients. It’s also a powerful anti-histamine making it ideal for anyone suffering from seasonal allergies. Used to seal the bee hive from unwanted elements, it’s created by honeybees from plants and buds. Dag nab it, what did you expect from the amazing honey bee?


Bee pollen, a great source of nutrients and energy is also known as life-giving dust. Being anti-inflammatory in nature it helps relieve inflammation, and allergies reduce stress, eases menopause, and strengthens your immune system. The granules of flower pollen are packed by worker honeybees with nectar, honey, and bees’ salivary substances.


Gently stir before each use. First-time users should initially ingest the smallest sample possible to ensure no allergies to bee pollen or bee products exist. Stop taking if an allergy occurs.


Increase the sample size gradually to between one to two teaspoons a day. Take twice daily to help keep the doctor away.


*Starting in 2021, both the eight-ounce and three-ounce jars contain honeycomb.


WARNING: Bee products cause allergic reactions in some people. We recommend you check with your doctor before ordering and before taking.






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Fit for Queen Honey
Fit For a Queen Honey Superfood
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