Citrus Honeys Honeycomb Bundle


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Try These Citrus Honeys and Honeycomb Bundle

These citrus honeys and honeycomb bundle include an eight ounce organic lemon whipped honey, a three ounce raw orange blossom honey and a five and 1/2 ounce brick of raw, edible Georgia chunk honeycomb.

Organic Lemon Whipped Honey, Raw Orange Blossom Honey and Raw Georgia Honeycomb

Built by Bees organic Lemon Whipped Honey is made with 100% pure American clover honey and fresh, hand-selected lemons for a citrus-créme that is divinely sweet and unforgettable. Perfectly ripe organic lemons are combined with locally sourced, never heated nor treated, USA Grade A Clover Honey. This comes in an five and 1/2 ounce jar.


Why not bring the orange grove into your pantry? An American favorite, enjoy the citrusy one-two punch of raw Floridian Orange Blossom honey. Sourced from central Florida, our raw honey is unfiltered and unprocessed and 100% direct from the hive. This comes in a three ounce jar.


Honeycomb is a superfood handmade by the bees. Ours is a unique, raw edible honey which includes a tasty combination of tupelo, gallberry and wildflower honeys – unique to the region.


Made from beeswax and raw honey, each comb contains small amounts of bee pollen and royal jelly.


This famous Georgia raw edible honeycomb has zero processing, filtering or manipulation and was harvested from bee hives in North America’s most unspoiled and precious natural area: the great Okefenokee Swamplands in southern Georgia.


Five and 1/2 ounces of a raw honey comb brick is sure to please. Come and get it!

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Citrus Honeys and Honeycomb Bundle
Citrus Honeys Honeycomb Bundle

9 in stock

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