Raw Berry Honey Bundle


Raw Berry Honey Bundle
Raw Berry Honey Bundle

Raw Berry Honey Bundle

If you like berries and you like raw honey, you’re on the right page. This Raw Berry Honey Bundle is an exciting collection of America’s top berry honeys.

Wooden Honey Dipper

Every bundle includes a

wooden honey dipper.



Raw Blueberry Blossom Honey


This raw blueberry blossom honey is raw and unpasteurized and light amber in color. It is full and earthy, yet not overpowering. The taste is tangy and bold with a fruity flavor and a buttery finish.


Blueberry honey pairs great with mild-to-strong blue cheeses and goat cheese. Wonderful in teas, it’s also terrific when mixed with Greek yogurt or granola. Use as a great topping for ice cream and fresh fruits like melons.


This full-bodied honey was produced during the summer blueberry pollination in the Pinelands area of central eastern New Jersey.


Raw Blackberry Blossom Honey


Raw blackberry blossom honey has a full-bodied taste and satisfying sweetness. In addition, this honey has a crisp and floral quality with a nice blackberry flavor finish.


This blackberry honey is raw and unpasteurized. This ensures you will enjoy all of the nutrients and vitamins it offers. It’s excellent in ice tea, sharp cheeses, salmon and yogurt. It’s also great on fruits, prosciutto and breads.


This enjoyable, bronze colored honey comes from the flowers of wild blackberry plants. This honey is extracted from beehives in southern Oregon.


Raspberry Blossom Raw Honey


Our Raspberry Blossom Raw Honey comes from the great northwestern USA. Honey bees forage the white blossoms of the raspberry bush. This honey has a mellow smooth flavor and unique raspberry finish. It also comes in a lighter amber color.


Our sweet, luscious raspberry honey pairs well with many foods. These include ice tea, vanilla flavors, champagne, chocolate. They also complement salad dressings and fresh fruits such as peaches and pears.


Naturally raw, pure and delicious, our Raspberry Blossom Raw Honey is mildly strained and gently warmed, only for bottling.


Raw Cranberry Blossom Honey


Our raw cranberry blossom honey has a strong, tangy berry taste without the cranberry tartness. It pairs very well in teas, cheeses, seafood, breads and fruit. Use to make cranberry honey butter or cranberry honey cookies.


Cranberry honey comes from cranberry bushes and has a beautiful red tint. Extracted from the August cranberry pollination, this honey was harvested in the Pinelands area of central eastern New Jersey.


If crystallization occurs, gently warm in a pan of warm water. Avoid microwaving.


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