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Raw Honey from the Hive

Built by Bees raw honey varieties are unprocessed and strained at 600 microns, and 100% direct from the hive. Built by Bees offers a variety of raw honey here you can visit.

Honey’s super high enzyme count promotes digestive health, fights premature signs of aging, and helps regulate blood pressure. It also provides a natural energy boost with high nutritional value.

Enjoy the great taste of raw, unfiltered honey and benefit from this excellent nutrition while supporting American beekeepers. Contrast the many benefits of pure honey with processed sugars which play a major role in the development of chronic diseases, mood disorders, lower immune function, and weight gain, while adding no nutritional value.

How Honey is Made

Raw honey is created by honey bees from nectar obtained through the pollination of flowers. The process of making raw honey starts with bees returning to the hive from the flowers. Once the honey bee returns to the hive, the game of bee “tag” begins where the nectar/honey is passed between the honey bees who process complex sugars into simple sugars. The nectar is warmed and thickened and then deposited into the honeycombs. Here moisture reduction occurs until the nectar has been fully transformed into its final honey status. The final step is when bees cap the honey within comb hexagons where the honey is stored. The capping process is essential to keep the honey’s moisture level low. The capping process helps reduce honey moisture levels to between 15-18%. This honey in the beehive is then used to feed itself and its brood. Honey not left for the bees is subsequently removed by beekeepers in a process called extraction. The raw honey is then settled and strained, with little or no added heat (honey that has been “minimally processed” is often labeled as raw honey). Raw honey will normally contain trace amounts of pollen and small particles of wax.

Honey is Hard Work For All Involved

One pound of honey is typically made by 10,000 bees which travel about 75,000 miles and pollinate up to 8 million flowers. Bees are very methodical and not random. When bees learn of floral sources, they communicate this back to the other bees in the hive. This communication and precise GPS system bees use is interesting and explains how the bees locate excellent floral sources.

Karl Von Frisch documented the bee’s waggle dance conducted by honey bees when they want to communicate to the other hive bees where the flowers are. To learn more about the waggle dance, please click here to watch this educational video.

Enjoy raw honey as part of your daily diet. You can use our recipe guide on 11 Healthy Recipes To Make With Raw Georgia Honeycomb to find the perfect pairing for raw honeycomb.

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