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Built by Bees Honey Vinegar selections are sweet and warm with a tangy bite. Our award-winning collection originates from a distinctive apple cider vinegar mead foundation. After apples and honey are blended together, they are oak barrel aged for 18 months. These are ideal for persons preferring a lower acidity level at 4.1%. All Built by Bees honey vinegars for sale are all natural, fat free, gluten-free, unpasteurized and sulfite free.

The unique taste profile is built on raw honeys and unpasteurized hand-crafted cyser vinegars. We make them in small batches and combine them with seasonal apples bursting with flavor. Enjoy a more natural vinegar – where each bottle contains the nourishing bio-active mother of vinegar.


Honey Vinegar

Italiano Infused Oil

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Honey Bundles

Sourwood Honey Bundle

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Great for a variety of culinary undertakings, these honey vinegars thrive in tougher gourmet endeavors - where many vinegars leave off. While any vinegar can claim to be great in vinaigrettes and marinades, that's sadly where their depth ends. Built by Bees vinegars tastefully complement a much broader diversity of dishes. Perfecting meats, poultry, seafood and macaroni salads can be a tall order. Fortunately, that's where Built by Bees honey vinegars are at home and happiest.

These are cyser vinegars. They offer a distinctive apple cider vinegar and honey mead foundation where apples and honey are blended and aged for 18 months in oak barrels. Ideal for persons preferring a lower acidity level at 4.1%, these balsamic vinegar and honey combinations are all natural, fat free, gluten-free unpasteurized and sulfite free.

Fun Fact about Honey Mead: The word Honeymoon originally meant "honey month". It originates from two words: "honey", where mead comes from and "moon", which reflects one lunar cycle equal to 28 days. Based on a Nordic tradition, just-married Nordic couples received a 28 day long supply of a fermented honey drink known as mead. It was customarily given by the bride's father to the groom.
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