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Healthy raw honey supplements and products to remedy common ailments naturally. Your personal arsenal of honey medicine products to combat fatigue, inflammation, insomnia, lack-of-clarity, germs and improve general well-being. If you’d like to take care of your health naturally, Built by Bees offers these natural remedies.

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Goodnight Honey

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Bee Pollen

Raw Bee Pollen

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Fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and longer with Goodnight Honey. It's an organic and raw elixir to help improve your sleep quality naturally. Goodnight Honey combines the Organic Honey, Pink Himalayan Salt and Citrusy Hops trifecta.

Raw unpasteurized organic honey releases tryptophan, which turns into serotonin and then melatonin – which activate sleep hormones. Both raw Organic and pink salt contain magnesium, both preventers of insomnia.

Pink Himalayan Salt relaxes muscles, decreases cortisol (stress hormones), regulates sleep hormones serotonin and melatonin and balance electrolytes. Hops reduce stress, anxiety and inflammation and aid restfulness

Fit For a Queen is a powerful collection of bee hive superfoods designed to build your immunity, strengthen your body, nourish and protect your inside and battle the elements. It's your personal fortress powered by nature.

Straight from the hive, each jar contains your personal army of natural raw honey, royal jelly, bee propolis, bee pollen and honey comb.

Our pure raw honey is only strained to remove impurities and our raw edible honey comb is unprocessed, unfiltered and comes from trusted sources.

Royal jelly is a miracle of nature consumed by the queen bee - helping extend her life and quality of health. It's high in antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor and contains longevity-promoting factors. It's as a natural form of brain fuel and insulin, while promoting collagen production of skin.

Created by honeybees from plants and buds, propolis is known for its remarkable abilities to assist in fighting colds and upper respiratory tract infections, viruses, bacteria, microbes, fungus and flu-like infections. It's also a powerful anti-histamine making it ideal for anyone suffering from seasonal allergies.

Bee pollen, a great source of nutrients and energy is also known as the life-giving dust. It helps with allergies, relieves inflammation, reduces stress, eases menopause and strengthens your immune system.