Cinnamon Vanilla Honeycomb Bundle


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Cinnamon Vanilla Honeycomb Bundle – Sweet and Savory


This Cinnamon Vanilla Honeycomb Bundle starts with a five and 1/2 ounce jar of kosher cinnamon whipped honey. We then add a three ounce jar of vanilla infused honey and a six and 1/2 ounce brick of raw, edible Georgia chunk honeycomb.


We blend imported and certified raw kosher Ceylon and Korintje Cinnamon. We then combine with 100% pure US Grade A Clover honey to create this sweet warm spread. Enjoy the balanced sweet and spicy warm undertones paired with bright aromatic flavors, because this amazing cinnamon honey contains the best cinnamon the world has to offer. It’s excellent off the spoon, on breads, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and warm carrots. Also try with apple pie and ice cream, as you turn ordinary foods into a memorable experience. The cinnamon whipped honey comes in a five and 1/2 ounce jar.


Created with Floridian Orange Blossom honey sourced from central Florida, we infuse a fresh Madagascar and Mexican vanilla bean extract with raw honey and slowly steep it at a low temperature. This creates a super smooth texture with an rich, intoxicating aroma and flavor. The vanilla infused honey comes in a three ounce jar.


Honeycomb is a superfood handmade by the bees. Ours is a unique, raw edible honey which includes a tasty combination of tupelo, gallberry and wildflower honeys. These favorite pairings were chosen because they are unique to the region.


Each honeycomb contains small amounts of bee pollen and royal jelly and it’s made from beeswax and raw honey,


This famous Georgia raw edible honeycomb has zero processing, filtering or manipulation and was harvested from bee hives in North America’s most unspoiled and precious natural area: the great Okefenokee Swamplands in southern Georgia. SIx and 1/2 ounces of a raw honey comb brick is sure to please. Come and get it!

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Cinnamon Vanilla Honeycomb Bundle
Cinnamon Vanilla Honeycomb Bundle

6 in stock

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