Gourmet Honey Straws

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Gourmet Raw Honey Straws 15 Count
Gourmet Honey Straws

Bursting with 100% pure mid-western Yellow Star Thistle honey, Built By Bees Honey Straws are the ultimate healthy alternative to sugary snacks. Lightweight and perfectly portable, these delicious sticks make an energy-boosting, throat-soothing addition to any lunch box, fitness bag or desk drawer.

Built By Bees prides itself on delivering you the highest-quality honey products from sustainable sources. Made with no artificial colors, flavors or sugars, Yellow Star Thistle Honey boasts a hearty blend of pollen and nectar— making it one of the most popular honeys in the world and our favorite for honey straws!

So whether you need a quick rush of energy to finish strong, or simply want a tasty and nutritious snack, we’re sure you’ll savor every last drop of Honey Straws!