Raspberry Blossom Honey

Raspberry blossom honey from the great USA northwest

Raspberry Blossom Honey

Built by Bees raw raspberry honey comes from Oregon, in the great northwestern USA. Here, honeybees forage white blossoms from the raspberry bush.


Raspberries Times Four

Built by Bees produces four raspberry products. These include:

  • Raw raspberry blossom honey
  • Raspberry blossom honey vinegar
  • Raspberry whipped honey
  • Bee Razzled honey shrub

Summing the raspberry ingredients, the first two products use raw raspberry honey. In addition, the last two products use raw raspberry fruit.


Smooth Mellow Raspberry Flavor

Raspberry raw honey has a sweet, warm and smooth mellow flavor with a unique raspberry finish. Additionally, this honey is a lighter amber color with fruity aroma hints. It’s packed with an abundance of healthy natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and anti-oxidants. Furthermore, it can be easily digested and helps with fatigue and stress. Lastly, it’s great for soothing sore throats and coughs.


Pairs great with:

    • chocolate, vanilla, fresh fruit, champagne, hot or iced tea, coffee or salads
    • as a glaze for vegetables, poultry and salmon
    • desserts and baking
    • granola, yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal

Happy Bee

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Raspberry Blossom Honey Vinegar

Our honey vinegars come from a delicious Fuji and Honeycrisp apple base. Apples and honey are first fermented, creating an alcohol. Then the alcohol is converted into an acidic vinegar (by adding yeast and time). Next, we complement the apple and honey cyser base with northwestern USA Raspberry Blossom Honey. Spring water then balances and tempers the acidity to 4.1%.


Honey Vinegar Uses

Enjoy this delectable Raspberry Blossom Honey Vinegar:


  • as a marinade
  • in pasta tuna, potato & green salads
  • in stir fry & with spring rolls
  • coleslaw
  • drizzle over tomatoes with basil & mozzarella cheese
  • on the grill as a glaze

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Click here to learn more about raspberry honey and its uses. Through this link, you can learn some new recipes and more about the plant and its history.


Raspberry Blossom Honey Vinegar

Built by Bees also makes the Bee Razzled raspberry honey drinking shrub. THIs tasty drinking shrub marries raw raspberries married with a tasty apple cyser vinegar and herbs. Built by Bees uses raw raspberries in their delicious Raspberry Whipped honey. Raspberries mixed with creamed clover honey creates an excellent spread.

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